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Inside Banksy is a spectacular immersive event by Crossmedia Group with the scientific contribution of curator Gianni Mercurio, narrating the creative journey of Banksy: the most subversive and satiical artist on the street art scene.

A narration evolving through a powerful mix of images, sounds, and music, able to immediately evoke Bristol underground culture.

A new and unexpected immersive event makes its debut at the Cattedrale dell’Immagine: Inside Banksy.

Inside Banksy is an extraordinary multisensorial experience: images, lights, colours and music will literally envelop its audience.

From 26 November 2022 to 29 october 2023 at the Cattedrale dell’Immagine. Piazza di Santo Stefano 5, Florence

Immersive Experience

The immersive virtual experience has been produced by Pixel Shapes, Leandro Summo and Andrea Maioli of Kanaka, with an original soundtrack by Giovanni Jitzu Raniolo.


Interactive experience with spray can

You’ve always dreamed of being a street artist and you want to know what it feels like to leave your tag on a wall?

With BE BANKSY  you can finally experience it all!
You will be able to virtually spray on a wall and see what you are creating projected in front of you. It will feel like painting with a real spray can!


Oculus VR Experience

With Inside Banksy VR Experience the visitor is offered the possibility of entering the artistic vision of the English writer.

Thanks to an app specifically developed for our virtual reality headsets, the concept of immersivity will reach new standards of visibility. A 5 minutes-long adventure discovering the most iconic works of the writer.

Quotes by Banksy

They say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.

Some people wantto make the world a better place. I just wanna make the world a better-looking place. If you don’t like it, you can paint over it!

We can’t do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles. In the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves.



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