Dismaland is a bemusement park. It is not and it is not meant to be seen as a mockery of Disneyland: it is only an exhibition thought and created by Banksy.

Iconographically, like every work by the Bristol artist, it is very captivating, ironic, colorful and sarcastic. At the same time, Dismaland is disheartening.
, together with other 50 artists, has staged some of the worst nightmares of our times.

The British writer doesn’t want to simply condemn today’s customs and traditions, he wants to face us with a reality whose perception we often lose. His aim is to make us think about the way we live: standing in front of the contradictions and futilities, unknowingly pushing us to act this way, while we go look for the rare and highly coveted balloon, marked “I am an imbecile”, in the selfie hole, the prize games where it is never possible to win, and yet you always win.

Apparently everything looks trivial, but every single detail is important and cannot be overlooked – evrything is important, everything is characterized by contradictions and irony – sometimes subtle, sometimes obstentatious – but so fascinating to be unsettling.