The whole of Banksy‘s career has been defined by music. The artist lived in Bristol in the early 90s, in close contact with musicians like PortisheadMassive Attack and Tricky.

Robert del Naja of Massive Attack says: «Bristol is a urban centre posing as a city, and it has always had an incredible underground scene, both artistically and musically, and often both things went hand in hand. Bands flourish locally before reaching the national audience, and since there is no big musical industry here, people do everythig they can for their own personal gratification, even helping each other».

Banksy works with many musicians and creates their abum covers, like he did with Blur and Röyksopp, proving to be very open-minded. There is not only a very close relationship between art and music, the mystery of Banksy is also linked to music itself. Some theories would see Banksy in Alban Jamie Hewlett, from the band Gorillaz. Others think that Banksy is Robert del Naja himself, the leader of Massive Attack, even though he denied more than once.