Banksy has never hidden his disappointment about injustice and war. The artist makes a cultural war calling to resistance and proving that it is possible to win by going against the logic from which it originates, and by taking a human and cultural stance as the only form of opposition.
A big part of Banksy’s subjects are against war. It’s a 360° human stance: it’s more than a political involvement, it’s a cultural battle against war and its logic. Among these, Banksy in his works focuses on religion, war industry, land exploitation. His messages are often an invitation to fight the oppression. He represents the deception of Power with his usual black humor. Helicopters with big pink bows on top, ready to “surgically” attack residential areas; heavily armed soldiers painting a peace sign on a wall; redeployed battalions, ready to attack, that with dramatic sarcasm wish on the observer a good day of violence; a young girl hugging a bomb instead of a doll: all this reminds us of the many wars recently started in the name of peace and democracy. Only children, Banksy seems to say, are heroes in a world prey to violence and oppression, heroes to be entrusted with a message of hope.